Testing Out Public Act 335, School Code 1279b

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THE LAW STATES: The board of a school district shall grant high school credit in any course to a pupil enrolled in high school, but who is not enrolled in the course, who has exhibited a reasonable level of mastery of the subject matter of the course by attaining a grade of not less than C+ in a final exam in the course, or, if there is no final exam, by exhibiting that mastery through the basic assessment used in the course which may consist of a portfolio, performance, paper, project, or presentation.

For the purpose of earning credit under this section, any high school pupil may take the final examination in any course. Credit earned under this section shall be based on a "pass" grade and shall not be included in a computation of grade point average for any purpose. Credit earned under this section may or may not be counted toward graduation, as the board of the school district may determine, but the board's determination shall apply equally to all such credit for all pupils and credit earned under this section shall be counted toward fulfillment of a requirement for a subject area course and shall be counted toward fulfillment of a requirement as to course sequence. Once credit is earned under this section, a pupil may not receive credit thereafter for a course lower in course sequence concerning the same subject area.

EXPLANATION: Public Act 335, Section 1279B, of the State Code requires that Avondale High School students be offered the opportunity to "test out" of any course offered. This test-out option does not include Government, Physical Education, Health or classes which a student has previously failed. To test out of a class, students must exhibit mastery of course content by attaining a grade of C+ (77%) or better on a comprehensive examination. Students may be required to demonstrate mastery through basic assessments used in the class that may include, but are not limited to, portfolios, performance, papers, projects, and/or presentations. Credit earned in this manner will not be counted toward the 23 total credits needed to graduate. These credits will satisfy distribution and sequence requirements of the Michigan Merit Curriculum and/or High School Departments. Credits earned in this manner will not impact G.P.A. and will be recorded on the transcript as "T.O. Course" for test-out and a "G" grade will be recorded. Note : The purpose of testing out is to allow a student to demonstrate knowledge of course content so that he/she may take a more challenging class or more electives. For testing out information please see your counselor.

PROCEDURES: Avondale will administer "test-out" exams once a year on August 11th and/or 13th using the following procedures:

  1. Recommendation. In all cases, before a student's request to test out is approved, a meeting must be held with the student's high school counselor to discuss the ramifications of testing out. The intent of "testing out" is to provide exceptionally able students options beyond what they might have if required to take courses in which they have already mastered the material. The counselor would make a recommendation to either allow or not allow to "test-out" based upon past performance, standardized testing and other information. This recommendation should then be reviewed by the parents prior to a final request to "test out."
  2. Applications. Applications for testing out must be completed and turned into the high school counseling office by May 1 or the first Monday in May for the August test days, and by November 1 or the first Monday in November for the January test day. The maximum number of tests a student may request each year is two.
  3. Preparation.  Teachers will not provide any instruction to prepare students for these tests. Each department will provide a syllabus to the high school counselors so that students know what the test will cover and any additional items (demonstrations, research papers, portfolios, etc.) that will be required as part of the comprehensive evaluation. Students must return all school materials on the date of the test-out exam. The syllabus will include: a list of reading materials, a copy of the curriculum will be available June 17th,18th and 19th in the high school Guidance Office, notification of date/time. Students will be notified, by mail, as to when they are scheduled to take the test-out exam. The test-out exam(s) will be scheduled on August 11 and/or 13, 2009. This opportunity is only available once a year. Students will be notified by mail as to the exact time and room number for the exam(s).
  4. Results. Faculty will check exams between the testing date and the first day of school. Students can stop by the Counseling Office on the first day of school to receive their results. If they have passed the test(s), they can make appointments to see their counselors to request a schedule change.
  5. NOTE : In testing out of Pre-Chemistry and Pre-Physics, both tests must be passed at the percentages stated above for a student to move into Biology.